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Hey Eco-lovers! It has been a great week. Eco Glamourista recently connected with Kristin Glenn, the founder and designer of a really cool clothing line called which  uses surplus fabrics to produce apparel 100% from USA out of Denver, Colorado with the goal to make clothing sustainable without compromising style. 

What I find great about designs, is they are not only cool and innovative but also encourages our generation to create, design and reuse materials in a game-changing way that sets the bar for a new era of sustainability. I respect their mission which is to educate all of us not only how to be ethical but also bring awareness to the terrible reality of sweatshops conditions, toxic waterways and even suicide of cotton farmers happening these days; all as a result of the cheap and fast clothing phenomenon.

One of my favorite pieces from this collection is The Versalette, a garment you can wear in 30 ways! According to Kristin: "We Kickstarted our idea, raised over $64,000, got some rad press, and toured around the USA learning about sustainable fashion. In late 2012, we went to visit the incredible team at Portland Garment Factory and redesigned our sustainable-fashion-love-child. We called it "the Versalette 2.0" -- a sleek, sexy take on our original design." Here's a peek at the design process:

For more info, check out their website and let me know what you think, love your comments and suggestions! 

Eco Glamourista

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Jessica Biel Launches BARE Bag Line

Jessica Biel recently launched a new socially responsible handbag line with the help of her brother Justin and his friend Grason Ratowsky. The collection is called BARE , all handmade in Colorado near where Biel grew up, and fashioned from reused coffee bean sacks. This collection features cool totes, backpacks, pouches and more made of recycled burlap coffee sacks from around the world, ranging in price from $80-320.
Jessica said in a recent Vogue interview: "We all grew up with the Flatiron mountains right behind us. If you had any brain at all, you would just look outside your window and go 'Oh wow, this world is something that I want to protect.'" Not only is it a pretty cool collection, but it is done with passion to protect our word we live in. This can also be a cool gift for a coffee lover as well, I know I am one! What are your thoughts about her new collection?

Image Credit: Bare Collection; AP Images

Pinterest Finds: DIY Au Naturale Beauty Ideas

I am obsessed with Pinterest! I often find amazing, super helpful DIY ideas I use all the time.  This week, I want to share with you three easy and natura DYI Beauty ideas I found on Pinterest; these can all be made with organically and local and are very easy to do only needing two ingredients!  I am looking forward to trying this weekend and I hope you will too! Let me know your comments and how you like these and what other beauty ideas you want to share. Enjoy :)

Also stay tuned for Eco Glamourista on Pinterest!

Raw Honey Coconut Oil Face Mask

Raw Honey Coconut Oil Face Mask- promises some serious blackhead removal and baby soft skin!
Here is what you are going to need: Virgin Coconut Oil, Raw Honey, Mixing Bowl and Spoon. Mix Virgin Coconut Oil with Raw Honey using a spoon and a mixing bowl (make sure you mix till it is fully incorporated and looks like cloudy honey). Take your fingertips and apply mixture to your face softly because the raw honey may have crystallized and can be kinda rough on your skin if you use too much pressure. Let mixture rest on your face for 15 min and then rinse off gently with lukewarm water – patting face to dry. Simple & easy!

 Lemon Scrub Olive Oil Sugar Scrub

Looking for a good facial scrub/exfoliate? Take a lemon, cut it in half. Dip one half in sugar, then scrub your face and lips, sound easy and yummy!

Soothing Cucumber Eye Gel
Get rid of those puffy eyes! Use: 4 oz Aloe vera gel; 1/2 large cucumber, washed, peeled, and cut into cubes. Blend the cucumber with an immersion blender or in a food processor until liquid. Strain the juice of the cucumber through a fine sieve and set aside. Place the aloe vera gel in a small bowl and mix in 2 tbsp cucumber juice. Whisk well until combined and pour into bottle. Shake gently and place in the fridge to chill for 1 hour before using. Shelf life is 3 months (in the refrigerator). Apply under and around the eyes before bed.
Source: The Dabb List

Thank You for all your Support!

Hello everyone! I have been on hiatus this past year due to unforeseen changes and challenges but I want to thank you all for all of your support and really appreciate your readership and comments as we move on to a new chapter of sustainability.

As I begin a new journey, I look forward to offering fresh perspectives on sustainable fashion, beauty and lifestyle as well as growing to a new website platform and also sharing my favorite products and sustainable and tips on Pinterest very shortly.  Stay tuned for the adventure and again my warm appreciation to all of you!

Eco Glam Movement: Zero Waste Fashion

Featuring today, fellow graduate from prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology Class of 2010 such as myself is New York Fashion Designer Daniel Silverstein,who recently launched his Spring ’14 collection. The clothes are not only beautiful and edgy but they’re also eco-friendly, which employs his zero fabric waste design technique.

"While a student at FIT, Daniel interned at Carmen Marc Valvo, Daniel Vosovic, Carolina Herrara and Swimwear Anywhere.  A semester abroad studying at FIT in Milan deepened his appreciation for conceptual design and quality goods.  At FIT, he was introduced to the concept of zero fabric waste design.  He saw that by incorporating this philosophy into his collection, he could create fashion forward clothes without wasting fabric; he could challenge the industry paradigm of reckless waste to one of considerate design."
According to Fast Company: " every year, garment factories dump mountains of fabric scraps into landfills because it’s cheaper than recycling. Textile pollution, a dirty secret of the garment industry--which tends to waste 15% to 20% of its material--has been all but unquestioned, or at least unresolved, until only recently."
I love this zero waste movement, it is yet another way to protect our environment. As a big believer of the no waste movement, I also advocate  just as much reusing your own clothes, people throw away a ridiculous amount of clothing every year, instead reuse it, if you are the creative type, take out your sewing machine and re-make something cool out of them, give them to people in need, you can even sell them these day and make a few extra bucks!  There is always a way to be socially responsible and chic at the same time. 

Jessica Alba’s Green Beauty Picks

The actress, who founded the eco-friendly brand The Honest Company, is revealing her top green beauty picks! Keep reading to see how she keeps her skin looking amazing the natural way!

Jessica Alba, 31, is stunning inside and out and she talks about her green lifestyle in her new book The Honest Life. She’s also spilling her favorite environmentally friendly beauty buys and we’ve got her favorites so you can get her look.

Jessica Alba & The Honest Company: Favorite Skincare Products

Jessica is a big fan of jane iredale – THE SKIN CARE MAKEUP line and the all-natural, synthetic-free suki skincare. 
Products she asks for by name are the jane iredale Disappear in Med/Light, PureMoist Lipstick in Nicole and Mascara in Black Onyx.
She’s been a huge fan of Jane’s products for a long time and especially loves jane iredale PurePressed Base SPF 20 to give her an “all-over matte finish.”
Jessica is a celebrity but that doesn’t mean she indulges all the time! She uses the 24-Karat Gold Dust ”for special occasions.”
The creative actress and activist also offered a secret tip — by mixing the 24-Karat Gold Dust into a body lotion, you’ll be able to create “a subtle shimmer that makes lumps and bumps a tad less noticeable!”

Jessica Alba’s Perfect Skin — Get Her Base Look

Jess also loves the Suki Skin Care line to create an amazingly smooth and clear palette for her favorite makeup.
“In terms of what cleanser to use, I look for hydrating formulas designed for dry skin – suki Moisture Rich Cleansing Lotion is the bomb!” Jessica beams.
Do YOU love Jessica’s beauty look?

Lauren Conrad Eco-Friendly Cosmetics for BlueAvocado

Hi Folks, Lauren Conrad Aka "LC" and former MTV reality show darling has moved forward to the socially-responsible venture world by now partnering up with  BlueAvocado, a women-founded sustainable lifestyle products company, on a green collection of home, travel, and cosmetic accessories. LC said: "The BlueAvocado partnership represents a synergy of things I love to do—design great products, enable women to realize their dreams, and inspire thoughtful action.... Once you realize the responsibility we have to improve our environment in our lifetime, you feel compelled to act with urgency. BlueAvocado provides a canvas for me to invite change."  LC's first eco-collection won't officially launch until this summer. You can be the first to hear about exclusive updates by clicking right here!
What do you think? Would you try her cosmetics? Let us know!

EDUN Fall 2011 New York Fashion Week

One of my favorite Eco-conscious brands EDUN backstage and on the runway at Edun Fall 2011 New York Fashion Week.

Eco-Friendly Beauty: Hair Curling the Green Way! (VIDEO)

I found this really cute and interesting video which shows an old fashion way of curling your hair. Back in the day  when we didn't have hair dryers or curling irons, the women curled their hair using rags and rollers.  This method is not only healthy for your hair because you're not using heat, but you're using less energy and using reusable materials to curl your hair. Don't throw your rags away, you can keep them. Wash and dry and reuse them!

Images and videos from The GreenShows at NY Fashion Week Spring 2011

During NY Fashion Week Spring 2011, The GreenShows were held at a really great venue called the Metropolitan Pavilion and were supporting a kind and sustainable approach to today's world of fashion.

Here are really great images and videos of The GreenShows Spring 2011 event showcasing various designers who are committed to bring us fashion that is conscientious to the environment and animals. Enjoy!










Photo/video by Crimes of Fashion