The World's First recycled Nylon Swimwear from Eco Panda

EcoPanda created one and two-piece suits in various prints from recycled nylon and Xtra Life lycra. Their suits are made from 82% recycled nylon and cost between $60-$80 for a full suit.

The company states, “…each piece of swimwear will retain its shape and fit longer than other suits that are used in chlorinated waters. This results in the average suit lasting twice as long as swimwear made with other chlorine resistant spandex and ten times longer than swimwear made with regular spandex, which means that less swimwear will be disposed of. Recycled nylon uses 27 percent less natural petroleum resources and emits 28 percent less greenhouse gases.”

I love that Eco-Panda offers super sexy styles that are fashion forward, in amazing colors and fun prints. Something to look forward to this summer season!

Photo credit: Eco Panda

Hot New Vegan shoes by Olsen Haus!

Vegan Shoe designer Elizabeth Olsen of Olsen Haus makes pure vegan shoes that look very stylish at reasonable prices. The designer is really committed to not using animals in any part of her shoe making process.

The pics feature several of Elizabeth’s designs like the Swim(Blue,Black and White); The David Shoes(Middle) and the Brazil Ultra Suede(Last)

Elizabeth has been a vegetarian for 19 years and a vegan for the past 2 years.

“I wanted to be the example of stylishness being synonymous with being aware of where your item came from, what it’s made of, and its impact on the earth, animals, and people,” she said, of her decision to launch her collection.

Photo credit: Olsen Haus