Eco-Sexy Bikinis by L*Space

L*Space already gets plenty of attention for its famous faces like Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz and for their functional suits, but they’ve added another component to the line that’s arguably even more exciting—environmentally-friendly materials.

OC-based L*Space swimwear’s new line of “green” bikinis. Not only does producing the Eco-Chic line use less energy and produce less greenhouse gas emissions, the corn-based fabric is also better at stretching—and bouncing back—than its traditional nylon counterpart.

L*Space Slinky separates come in solid shades of black, jade, red, and chocolate brown—and if you’re concerned about stretch—this fabric offers stretch with recovery! Price points are a bit higher than other collections—$60 to $72 per piece and it’s available at chic boutiques, resorts, and surf shops across the globe. Also shop L*Space at: 

What do you think of L*Space eco-friendly swimsuits?


  1. I LOVE L*Space Swimwear & all of the 2010 L*Space Slinky Solids are amazing this year! Def. worth the little extra money!

    Did you know that for 2010, L*Space ALSO teamed up with OmniPeace & made a special collection that will help the OmniPeace efforts!? They're AMAZING!!!