For Naturally-Glowing Skin: DIY Home Spa Facial

One of the things I enjoy doing is pampering myself at home with beauty treatments using natural ingredients. These treatments are eco-friendly and will add nutrients and glow to any dull skin. I want to share with you my favorite home spa facial. Not only will it soften and purify your skin without all the additives and chemicals, but it can be done by everyday items that are bound to be in your kitchen for a fraction of the cost. So go ahead, raid your pantry and your fridge for an all out nature girl pamper session!

DIY Spa facial in 5 easy steps : Cleanse, Exfoliate, Mask and Moisturize

ep 1-Cleanse: Your first step will be to cleanse your face. Start by first removing all your makeup and follow with a cleanser. A simple cleanser can be made from 1/2 a cup of oatmeal or Cornmeal and yogurt, mix together until you form a paste, smooth over the entire face avoiding the eye area and wash off with warm water.

Step 2-Exfoliate
: If your skin is looking dull or dry, try a mask made of fresh fruit which contains alpha-hydroxy acids and work to remove the surface layer of dead skin revealing fresher skin beneath. A favorite of mine is a very simple Strawberry Scrub.

Strawberry Scrub
4-7 small to medium sized strawberries
1 tsp lemon juice
2 tsp milk powder, or 1 tsp whole milk
Blender, bowl and spoon, or food processor and timer

1. Mix the strawberries whole, you don't have to remove the
greens. The seeds and pulp will act as a natural scrub on the surface, while the natural alpha-hydroxy acid gets deeper.
2. Add lemon juice which also contains alpha-hydroxy acid.
3. Add milk which contains alpha-hydroxy acid but has fats that help this recipe soften and seal the skin as well.
4. Apply to face and neck by working in small circular motions, don't apply a lot of pressure, a soft, smooth and even pressure is best. The fruit and other ingredients will do all the work, so only massage lightly.
Beauty benefit: Strawberries, lemon juice and milk contain alpha-hydroxy acids, which helps remove dead cells which leaves you with fresh, new, younger looking skin cells.

Step 3- Steam: I love to steam. Steaming opens your pores, help detoxify the skin and is incredibly relaxing.

Herbal Steam

Steam your face over a bowl of hot water combined with a handful each of
fresh cilantro and basil leaves, steaming for about 10 minutes. Hold your face at least 12 inches above the water and tent your head and the bowl with a towel to prevent the steam from escaping. Pat your face dry and splash with tepid water to refresh the skin. Discard the herbs. To purify the rest of the body, run a hot shower to fill the room with steam, and relax in the steam for seven to 10 minutes.
Beauty Benefit: This is a great treatment to eliminate toxins.

Step 4- Mask: After steaming, I follow with a Banana and Avocado Face Mask that nourishes and adds nutrients to my skin.

Banana and Avocado Face Mask

1 small ripe banana 1 small ripe avocado 2
Tbl. plain natural yogurt
2 drops vitamin E oil (slice open the vitamin and squeeze out contents)

Mash the banana and avocado together to form a thick lime green-colored paste. Add the yogurt and vitamin E oil; mix well. Massage the mixture into your face and leave on for 15 minutes; then rinse. This mask can be left on for up to 25 minutes, though for sensitive skin, 10 minutes is enough.
Beauty Benefit: The potassium and natural oils in the banana and the high fat and protein (plus vitamins A, D, and E) in avocado moisturizes and refreshes dry or sun-damaged skin.

Step 5- Moisturize
Keep it simple. Aloe is an ideal ingredient in skin treatments because it provides light moisture and creates a wonderful soothing sensation. Massage your face with very good aloe vera gel to soften and refresh your skin and you are done!

Try these easy-to-follow recipes and enjoy a little pampering at home this weekend!

Let me know what you think? Share your favorite DIY treatments with us!

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