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Hello everyone! I have been on hiatus this past year due to unforeseen changes and challenges but I want to thank you all for all of your support and really appreciate your readership and comments as we move on to a new chapter of sustainability.

As I begin a new journey, I look forward to offering fresh perspectives on sustainable fashion, beauty and lifestyle as well as growing to a new website platform and also sharing my favorite products and sustainable and tips on Pinterest very shortly.  Stay tuned for the adventure and again my warm appreciation to all of you!

Eco Glam Movement: Zero Waste Fashion

Featuring today, fellow graduate from prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology Class of 2010 such as myself is New York Fashion Designer Daniel Silverstein,who recently launched his Spring ’14 collection. The clothes are not only beautiful and edgy but they’re also eco-friendly, which employs his zero fabric waste design technique.

"While a student at FIT, Daniel interned at Carmen Marc Valvo, Daniel Vosovic, Carolina Herrara and Swimwear Anywhere.  A semester abroad studying at FIT in Milan deepened his appreciation for conceptual design and quality goods.  At FIT, he was introduced to the concept of zero fabric waste design.  He saw that by incorporating this philosophy into his collection, he could create fashion forward clothes without wasting fabric; he could challenge the industry paradigm of reckless waste to one of considerate design."
According to Fast Company: " every year, garment factories dump mountains of fabric scraps into landfills because it’s cheaper than recycling. Textile pollution, a dirty secret of the garment industry--which tends to waste 15% to 20% of its material--has been all but unquestioned, or at least unresolved, until only recently."
I love this zero waste movement, it is yet another way to protect our environment. As a big believer of the no waste movement, I also advocate  just as much reusing your own clothes, people throw away a ridiculous amount of clothing every year, instead reuse it, if you are the creative type, take out your sewing machine and re-make something cool out of them, give them to people in need, you can even sell them these day and make a few extra bucks!  There is always a way to be socially responsible and chic at the same time.