Affordable Organic Beauty

Perfect Organics offers pure organic products composed of the world’s finest ingredients that are expertly formulated and gently processed to maintain the integrity of every ingredient for the long-term health and beauty of your skin, body, and the environment. They have a whole line of scrubs, oils, makeup and creams free of chemical additives, artificial ingredients, fillers or synthetic preservatives. Featured is the Perfect Organics Shea Butter Lip Balm which is packed with all sorts of nutrient dense organic oils and vitamin E at only $3.99 each.

Photo credit: Perfect Organics

Sustainable clothing from Toggery by designer Kate D'Arcy

Toggery is a new line of clothing that uses only sustainable and organic fabrics and manufactures in the USA. Toggery is fashion for the environmentally conscious consumer that also aims to give "great price point, great fit, and great color,” says Kate D’Arcy, designer. Her contemporary women’s line includes tanks, tees, henleys, turtlenecks, tunics, jackets, and blouses. Toggery retail prices range from $35 dollars for an all-organic cotton tank to $140 for a great jacket.

Photo credit: Toggery

Eco-conscious Luxury Jewelry

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Based in San Francisco, Brilliant Earth grew out of a marriage proposal. After Beth's fiance could not find a reliable source that could guarantee conflict free diamonds, Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg created Brilliant Earth to provide certified conflict free diamonds as an alternative to current diamond industry practices.

Photo credit: Brilliant Earth

Singer Alanis Morrisette and Actor Woody Harrelson Launch Reco Jeans!

Alanis Morrisette and Woody Harrelson collaborated together to launch a new line of fabulous and super-trendy eco-friendly jeans. Reco Jeans are made with 50% recycled denim. Reco is the only jeans company that is making the attempt to reclaim and recycle materials to make a more eco friendly fashion jeans.

Reco Jeans is holding a dutch auction until July 18. They are using crowd sourcing to decide the prices of 300 limited box sets of the jeans which will also include a special edition Reco Ipod case. The bids in the dutch auction will also be factored into the final price of the jeans.

Photo credit: Reco Jeans

Recycled handbags made from old leather Jackets and vintage scarves

ReMade USA is a San Francisco based company that found the way to "upcycle" used materials (namely leather) to make beautiful, one-of-a-kind handbags and clutches. The company's mission "is to create beautiful, long-lasting, well-made products that positively impact the environment, our users and our makers".

All products are hand-crafted by designer Shannon South who takes each worn jacket, deconstructs it, does all the cutting and stitching, and lines the inside of the bags with vintage scarves. Only 1o-14 bags are made at the time which makes it even more special.

I really love that the bags have this worn leather look to them and are super roomy. They also come in great colors such as chocolate brown and vibrant red. Each handbag is very unique and tells its own story.

Photo credit: ReMade USA

The Eco-trendy Sneaker

These 1970s-inspired “Volley” sneakers from the french-brazilian Veja company are made from organic cotton grown by cooperatives of small farmers in Brazil.

The shoes are made from natural latex rubber, vegetable-tanned leather and organic cotton. Wild rubber trees are only found in the Amazon and supporting wild latex production helps prevent deforestation in this region.

Ethical, well-made and a very simple design is what really sets Veja apart from the rest. I really like the vintage feel of the shoe but at the same time the look can be very modern. If you want to get a pair, these shoes are now available online at

Photo credit: Veja