Recycled handbags made from old leather Jackets and vintage scarves

ReMade USA is a San Francisco based company that found the way to "upcycle" used materials (namely leather) to make beautiful, one-of-a-kind handbags and clutches. The company's mission "is to create beautiful, long-lasting, well-made products that positively impact the environment, our users and our makers".

All products are hand-crafted by designer Shannon South who takes each worn jacket, deconstructs it, does all the cutting and stitching, and lines the inside of the bags with vintage scarves. Only 1o-14 bags are made at the time which makes it even more special.

I really love that the bags have this worn leather look to them and are super roomy. They also come in great colors such as chocolate brown and vibrant red. Each handbag is very unique and tells its own story.

Photo credit: ReMade USA

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