Stylish Eco-friendly Throw Pillows

Throw pillows like these Eco-Art Pillows are a glam way to decorate your living space. They are super versatile, you can toss fresh throw pillows on beds, the sofa, a big chair, or even pile them on the ground near a bright window. These pillows are stylishly designed, hand printed with environmentally safe water-based ink and have 100% hypoallergenic fill. Modern green style to cheer and comfort any corner of your home!

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Recycled Vintage Record Notebooks

What to do with those vintage record albums you have in your home? Give them functionality and recycle them into a super-cool note book!

This is a one of a kind vintage the BEST of the DOORS record album that has been upcycled/recycled into notebook/journal/sketchbook is filled with 50 sheets of wide ruled notebook paper and 50 sheets of plain paper for your sketches and doodles. Handmade from an independent crafter who has lot of passion for the art of record album covers and from it has found a fun and creative way to carry the love for your favorite band's album.

This item and many more are for sale at and if you have a favorite album collecting dust on a shelf at home, you can send it to the maker of these to be recycled into a notebook for you, pretty cool!

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Fall Looks: Colorful Organic Tees from Stewart+Brown!

Fall just got brighter! Stewart +Brown new fall 2009 collection features soft organic pima cotton tees in myriad fresh prints and hues, perfect for layering.

Stewart +Brown is an ethical fashion brand based in Los Angeles, California that pioneered the sustainable fashion movement by their determination and passion for both design and nature.

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Modern green designs from MIO

I love this The Bendant Lamp designed by Jamie Salm from MIO. Its a flat-packed chandelier composed of a series of leaf-like shades surrounding a central fixture. You can bend the shades up or down and create unique light and shadow arrangements. Material and process guide the Bendant Lamp's design, making it a true example of eco-centric design. The size of the lamp, shape of the cuts and flat packaging are a result of material and manufacturing efficiencies. In addition, the lamp welcomes the user as co-designer pushing the boundaries of design and self-assembly.

MIO is a Philadelphia-based company that makes sustainable and innovative designs from from unique wall coverings and lighting to furniture and accessories. The company successfully incorporates green practices into all facets of production and distribution, catering to group of devoted followers who seek out their socially and environmentally responsible products.

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