Spice up with Sexy Eco-friendly Lingerie

Eco-lingerie keeps getting more gorgeous and sexy thanks to several designers that continue to offer the most delectable lingerie pieces you can imagine, crafted from completely sustainable fabric made from soy, milk, and other sustainable materials in addition to organic cotton, bamboo, hemp and silk to make amazing eco-sexy lingerie. And if you think eco-lingerie is boring, think again! Below, you’ll find a few of my favorites and great examples of how green can be spicy!

Love Nature
This Eco-chic Italian lingerie by emerging designer Love Nature is mainly made with biological, natural, anallergic, not chemically
treated fibers and is packed and promoted using recycled tools. Love Nature’s feminine Fall Line which includes this adorable Aurora Bra Set(picture left) is available at Noblivity.com and the collection is filled with just as beautiful lace pajamas, bra and panty sets, camisoles and hipsters.


I love that this Enamore's designs are sex
y, playful and influenced by the 1950's pin-ups. To release your inner pin-up girl, I suggest the flirty animal print Bedrock Bra and Short Set(picture right) made from a stretchy bamboo jersey trimmed with black edging and flamingo pink satin bows. This set also comes with a matching sleep mask packaged in their striped recycled card gift box lined with tissue paper and tied with a chocolate satin bow. You can find more of these items at Enamore.com

This flirty and delicate set created by Eberjey is the Natural Woman Cami and Pant Set (picture left). This 100% organic cotton cami set features a soft white color and beautiful lacey details that will make you feel sexy, beautiful and feminine – and eco-friendly!

Coco De Mer

Coco De Mer
Is a sexy UK store that sells luxury eco-lingerie and other products with a high end luxury price tag. But lets say you are on your honeymoon?...well it might be worth it to have something incredibly special. So unleash your kinky side with some of Coco De Mer's hottest styles this season like this Simone piece (picture right). Coco de Mer makes all their products with the consideration of environmental and human rights by investing in the talents of local artisans, fair trade labor and seeking out companies using small projects and cottage industries instead of sweatshops.


Spreegirl’s philosophy of “It’s not just sleepwear, it’s fashion” is evident throughout their adorable collections. The retro modern looks are made up of bright colors and patterns, perfect for girls who are just as stylish at home as they are when out and about. Be careful when browsing because not everything is green. But the line does pieces in hemp, bamboo and coconut like this New Rave Kimono Robe (picture left)made of bamboo with color blocking detail and tie belt at the waist. You can also pair this robe with one of their sexy bamboo bras. I like that their designs are super cute, sexy and great for the planet.

Urban Fox

Urban Fox makes a beautiful, sexy and modern lingerie line for the hip urbanite. This eco-fabulous line combine 1940s style with modern sustainable materials like bamboo, tagua nut buttons and natural rubber. I specially adore just about any of their candy-color stocking sets with their burlesque-style seams and matching boy-shorts bottoms,oh so super sexy! (picture right). All products are designed, dyed and hand-sewn in the U.S.A.

Let me know what you think. What 's you favorite eco-friendly lingerie piece? Share with us!

photo credit: eco fashion world (first photo above)

For Naturally-Glowing Skin: DIY Home Spa Facial

One of the things I enjoy doing is pampering myself at home with beauty treatments using natural ingredients. These treatments are eco-friendly and will add nutrients and glow to any dull skin. I want to share with you my favorite home spa facial. Not only will it soften and purify your skin without all the additives and chemicals, but it can be done by everyday items that are bound to be in your kitchen for a fraction of the cost. So go ahead, raid your pantry and your fridge for an all out nature girl pamper session!

DIY Spa facial in 5 easy steps : Cleanse, Exfoliate, Mask and Moisturize

ep 1-Cleanse: Your first step will be to cleanse your face. Start by first removing all your makeup and follow with a cleanser. A simple cleanser can be made from 1/2 a cup of oatmeal or Cornmeal and yogurt, mix together until you form a paste, smooth over the entire face avoiding the eye area and wash off with warm water.

Step 2-Exfoliate
: If your skin is looking dull or dry, try a mask made of fresh fruit which contains alpha-hydroxy acids and work to remove the surface layer of dead skin revealing fresher skin beneath. A favorite of mine is a very simple Strawberry Scrub.

Strawberry Scrub
4-7 small to medium sized strawberries
1 tsp lemon juice
2 tsp milk powder, or 1 tsp whole milk
Blender, bowl and spoon, or food processor and timer

1. Mix the strawberries whole, you don't have to remove the
greens. The seeds and pulp will act as a natural scrub on the surface, while the natural alpha-hydroxy acid gets deeper.
2. Add lemon juice which also contains alpha-hydroxy acid.
3. Add milk which contains alpha-hydroxy acid but has fats that help this recipe soften and seal the skin as well.
4. Apply to face and neck by working in small circular motions, don't apply a lot of pressure, a soft, smooth and even pressure is best. The fruit and other ingredients will do all the work, so only massage lightly.
Beauty benefit: Strawberries, lemon juice and milk contain alpha-hydroxy acids, which helps remove dead cells which leaves you with fresh, new, younger looking skin cells.

Step 3- Steam: I love to steam. Steaming opens your pores, help detoxify the skin and is incredibly relaxing.

Herbal Steam

Steam your face over a bowl of hot water combined with a handful each of
fresh cilantro and basil leaves, steaming for about 10 minutes. Hold your face at least 12 inches above the water and tent your head and the bowl with a towel to prevent the steam from escaping. Pat your face dry and splash with tepid water to refresh the skin. Discard the herbs. To purify the rest of the body, run a hot shower to fill the room with steam, and relax in the steam for seven to 10 minutes.
Beauty Benefit: This is a great treatment to eliminate toxins.

Step 4- Mask: After steaming, I follow with a Banana and Avocado Face Mask that nourishes and adds nutrients to my skin.

Banana and Avocado Face Mask

1 small ripe banana 1 small ripe avocado 2
Tbl. plain natural yogurt
2 drops vitamin E oil (slice open the vitamin and squeeze out contents)

Mash the banana and avocado together to form a thick lime green-colored paste. Add the yogurt and vitamin E oil; mix well. Massage the mixture into your face and leave on for 15 minutes; then rinse. This mask can be left on for up to 25 minutes, though for sensitive skin, 10 minutes is enough.
Beauty Benefit: The potassium and natural oils in the banana and the high fat and protein (plus vitamins A, D, and E) in avocado moisturizes and refreshes dry or sun-damaged skin.

Step 5- Moisturize
Keep it simple. Aloe is an ideal ingredient in skin treatments because it provides light moisture and creates a wonderful soothing sensation. Massage your face with very good aloe vera gel to soften and refresh your skin and you are done!

Try these easy-to-follow recipes and enjoy a little pampering at home this weekend!

Let me know what you think? Share your favorite DIY treatments with us!

Eco Glamourista's Pick: Beau Soleil's Fall 2009 Collection

Beau Soleil Fall 2009 eco-chic fashion collection really speaks for itself. The simple, sleek, and sexy designs makes Beau Soleil a fashion destination for every city girl. The assortment in this collection is made up of sleek silhouettes, sumptuous draping, subtle textures, geometric details, one shoulder dresses, skinny leggings and and ultra-feminine tops. The color palette is very simple yet modern using beige, black, purples, and gray hues. There are also chic details such as antique brass grommets, and mini studs. Designed by Anne Salvatore Epstein, who changed her lifestyle from living the excessive New York city life and her work at Marc Jacobs, to making greener choices and founding her own eco-friendly label. Beau Soleil uses bamboo fabrics, vegetable dyed organic cottons, vintage, tencel made of eucalyptus trees fiber and antique and recycled details.

The company's focus is on sustainability, fair trade and labor, as well as organic raw materials with the end goal of offering consumers environmentally healthy clothing choices without sacrificing fashion.

Shop online at http://www.shopbeausoleil.com/

Also find Beau Soleil at Saks and Shopbop

Photo credit: Beau Soleil

Budget-Friendly Tips to Green your Closet

While choosing organic, sustainable clothing can be very beneficial for us and our planet, much of it can also stretch the budget of any green glamourista because it requires compromise and extra cash. I want to share with you a few great tips to keep your closet and your wallet filled with green!

1. Buy vintage
You’re likely to find higher quality, more unique clothing at secondhand and vintage shops while saving the waste of precious resources in the production of new items. I love vintage shopping, arm yourself with patience and an eye for style and spend an afternoon on the hunt for vintage treasures.

2. Be a thrifty bargain hunter
Nothing beats a good bargain, especially when it involves saving the planet as well as your cash. Add your name to online green retailers’ mailing lists and watch for sales at your favorite local shops. I love thrift shops. Most thrift shops are a treasure chest of amazing clothes in every shape, style and color. “Preloved” clothes save money and reduce the use of new materials while keeping the old items out of the landfill.

3. Fix and Re-wear
Try taking a fresh look at what’s in your closet to see what can be fixed and what can be reconfigured into something great. Shop in your own closet and restyle old pieces to create a totally new look. Don’t be afraid to nip and tuck. Think of shortening hemlines, adding patches, and pulling apart old jeans to create one-of-a-kind eco-friendly pieces.

4. Pass it on and give it a second life

Did you know that the average American throws out 68 lb. of clothes and textiles each year? don't throw your clothes in the trash. Rather than sending last season’s clothes to the landfill, if you can’t use it, and none of your friends want it, pass it on to a local charity or thrift store . Another fun idea is to invite a few friends over for a clothing swap and green your friends’ wardrobes at the same time. If it is simply too worn out, cut it up to use as rags around the house.

5. Shop to last
Most sustainably made clothing is crafted meticulously, with careful attention paid to each step of a manufacturing. Eco-friendly clothes tend to be better made than mass-produced, cheap items which you will spend more for in the long run. Spend a few dollars more on planet-friendly essentials and avoid the hidden costs of environmental harm and unjust labor practices.

6. Keep your laundry cool
Extending the life of your clothing saves money and resources. Keep your precious wares looking fresh by washing in cold water with planet-friendly detergent and hanging to dry.

7. Dry cleaning hassle
Avoid the extra hassle and wasting money by buying clothes that do not have to be dry-cleaned. If you absolutely must have something dry-cleaned, look for a shop that use greener methods such as wet-cleaning CO2 to reduce its toxic load.

Do you have any other great tips? Share your tips and ideas!

Photo credit: Katherine Lynn at Flickr

Green Picks for Beautiful and Natural Eye Makeup

I love makeup, especially the one that makes my eyes feel sexy and glamorous. Even on my worst day, I can just dab a little mascara and it can transform me in seconds into a goddess. When I first started becoming green, I worried that I would have to seriously compromise in the beauty department. Luckily, these days so many wonderful companies, from big-name brands to small independent dealers have developed eco-friendly product lines that offer much the same quality and value, but without all the added chemicals. Not only are they better for the environment, they can also be better for your skin. If you’re not sure how to start, I have put together a quick eye make buying guide to help you out featuring the best new products and new colors for Fall!

Shopping Tips
  • Whenever you purchase a new product, always read the ingredients list carefully and look for the third-party certifications such as USDA Certified Organic and Leaping Bunny. Stay away from lengthy ingredients lists and misleading labels.
  • Look for cosmetics that don't have any chemical emulsifiers, binders, synthetics, fillers or paraben preservatives and that use botanicals and minerals.
  • If nothing else, avoid cosmetics that contain ingredients included in The Green Guide's "Dirty Dozen." Of those twelve, the most commonly found in cosmetics are antibacterials, coal-tar dyes, 1,4-dioxane (a contaminant of "PEG," sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate and other -eth ingredients), formaldehyde, fragrance, mercury, nanoparticles, parabens and petroleum distillates.
  • Use products that contain no more than 10 ingredients. The fewer the ingredients, the less likely you are to be exposed to a potentially irritating or harmful chemical.
  • Powdered products generally require fewer potentially irritating ingredients.
Top Green Picks

These top picks for eco-friendly eye makeup will make a perfect addition to your natural makeup regimen:

Eye Shadows- offers twelve new shades for Fall 2009, BeingTRUE’s latest collection is inspired by gemstones. The shadows are rich, well-pigmented, and available in matte, natural and shimmer textures. They contain antioxidant complex of Vitamin E, Green Tea, White Tea, which helps shield the skin from the environment, UV damage and moisture lost. They are priced at $16 per pan and $5 for a refillable single compact.

Nvey ECO Organic Eye Shadow- This formula is enhanced with chamomile and vitamins and is milled with a base of corn silk and jojoba oil for an extra smooth feel. These eye shadows are ideal to use on sensitive and/or dry skin as the all-natural ingredients include plant oils and no irritants. They are available both as single units and as palettes of 5 shades. They are priced at $24 individually and $61 as a palette. Available in both shimmer and matte in a variety of colors, you are sure to find your perfect combination in this selection.

Honeybee Garden
s PowerColors Stackable Mineral Colors PowderColors are completely vegan as they are free of dyes, talc, petroleum and other additives. These versatile powders are a blend of pure mineral pigments in a striking range of colors. They can be used as eyeshadow and eyeliner. These are a great bargain at $4.99 per color.

Afterglow Organic Eyeliner Pencil made with 100% natural ingredients and nourishing organic oils such as organic sesame seed oil, organic castor seed oil and organic beeswax form a creamy, moisture-rich formula for smooth application. For $22, you can choose from 3 beautiful shades, Forest Green, Orbit Brown and Black Gravity. Afterglow Cosmetics focuses on offering natural color cosmetics, free of many of the synthetic preservatives, bismuth oxychloride, petro-chemicals, synthetic dyes and fillers found in traditional cosmetics.

LAVERA Voluminizing Mascara and Eyeliner At $28.50 for both, the simple black eyeliner is made from organic beeswax and palm oil and the voluminizing mascara from organic jojoba oil and rose. Lavera is one of the best-selling beauty lines in Germany and their natural formulations have the seal of approval from BDIH, which strictly regulates cosmetics. As with all LAVERA products, these items are certified 100% natural, paraben-free, cruelty-free and contain no heavy-metals or synthetic ingredients.

Josie Maran's Newest Mascara in Brown Brown mascara is a very easy, everyday makeup item. At $22, this mascara is a paraben and fragrance free formula that contains a handful of organic ingredients like Jojoba oil, Argan oil and Beeswax to condition and strengthen as it lengthens and defines.

Longona Eyebrow Pencil- We all love to keep our eyebrows nicely arched and what better than with this is a all- natural, gluten-free eyebrow pencil. Longona is Germany-based leading supplier of natural organic personal care products. You can snag this item for $10.99 at Natural Europe, a market place for European natural beauty products.

EcoTools 5 Piece Bamboo Brush Set

This EcoTools 5-Piece Brush Set includes a Blush Brush, Ey
e Shading Brush, Eyeliner Brush, Lash and Brow Groomer, Concealer Brush and Brush case made from recycled materials. EcoTools Brushes features sustainable bamboo handles, synthetic Taklon bristles and sleek ferule made with recycled aluminum. I love this set, it is a great steal at $16.99. You can find this item at Ulta.com.

Hope you enjoyed this quick guide! What other eco-friendly makeup products do you like to use? Please share your ideas and comments!

Photo credit: Mineral Magic at Flickr