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Hey Eco-lovers! It has been a great week. Eco Glamourista recently connected with Kristin Glenn, the founder and designer of a really cool clothing line called which  uses surplus fabrics to produce apparel 100% from USA out of Denver, Colorado with the goal to make clothing sustainable without compromising style. 

What I find great about designs, is they are not only cool and innovative but also encourages our generation to create, design and reuse materials in a game-changing way that sets the bar for a new era of sustainability. I respect their mission which is to educate all of us not only how to be ethical but also bring awareness to the terrible reality of sweatshops conditions, toxic waterways and even suicide of cotton farmers happening these days; all as a result of the cheap and fast clothing phenomenon.

One of my favorite pieces from this collection is The Versalette, a garment you can wear in 30 ways! According to Kristin: "We Kickstarted our idea, raised over $64,000, got some rad press, and toured around the USA learning about sustainable fashion. In late 2012, we went to visit the incredible team at Portland Garment Factory and redesigned our sustainable-fashion-love-child. We called it "the Versalette 2.0" -- a sleek, sexy take on our original design." Here's a peek at the design process:

For more info, check out their website and let me know what you think, love your comments and suggestions! 

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