How Safe are Your Cosmetics?

We’ve all learned about the dangerous ingredients in skin care products. Unfortunately, all the same problems apply to cosmetics.

The FDA does not adequately regulate cosmetics, and in particular does not educate consumers on how unsafe the ingredients used in cosmetics by the cosmetics manufacturers are for human use. Scary isn't it?

Thankfully there are organizations such as Organic and Safe who are fight the proliferation of dangerous ingredients in cosmetics.

"Contrary to popular belief, the U.S. government doesn't regulate cosmetics for safety, long-term health impacts or environmental damage. Many common cosmetics ingredients are harmful to people and the environment. Consumers can avoid toxic ingredients by using USDA certified organic cosmetics. The trouble is, while the USDA allows cosmetics to be certified organic, it doesn't require it. That's why, as this new Story of Stuff Project video, The Story of Cosmetics, points out, "On cosmetics labels, words like 'herbal,' 'natural,' even 'organic', have no legal definition. That means that anybody can put anything in a bottle and call it 'natural.' And they do!" The Organic Consumers Association's Coming Clean Campaign has been working to stop this fraud since 2004. "

CONSUMERS TAKE ACTION: Ask the USDA National Organic Program to stop organic cosmetics fraud! Which local stores have Organic Cosmetics Integrity Policies? Ask retailers to adopt Organic Cosmetics Integrity Policies! Boycott fake "organic" brands! Buy USDA certified organic cosmetics!

RETAILERS TAKE ACTION: Are you ready to come clean? Adopt an Organic Cosmetics Integrity Policy.

So please, look at labels carefully and choose cosmetics that are healthy for you and the environment!

More information on the Coming Clean Campaign
Also check out: The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics website

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