Affordable Natural Face Scrub

As the weather gets cooler, skin exfoliation is specially important to prevent dullness and bring back that natural skin glow. When I ran out of my face scrub, I decided to look in my pantry and found a very simple ingredient I could use as a scrub.... Sugar in the Raw. A sugar scrub helps to brighten your skin by buffing away dried skin, sweat and dirt. Sugar cane is a great natural source of glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid that's widely used in skin care products for its resurfacing properties. It helps reduce fine lines and acne by promoting cellular turnover.

I simply mix a packet of sugar in the raw with a small dab of my favorite cleanser Juice Beauty Organic Facial Wash, gently scrub my face for about a minute or so and rinse. After I rinse my skin feels incredibly smooth and fresh. It's a really amazing scrub and super-affordable! You can also use Raw Sugar mixed with Jojoba Oil (I like Dessert Essence Jojoba Oil) to scrub and beautify your body and feet. Although raw sugar in not harsh or toxic, make sure you don't over scrub. Use no more than twice a week. Try it with your favorite cleanser or mix of oil, you will love the results!

You can purchase Sugar in the Raw at and in-store at Whole Foods.


  1. What a great idea. Im gonna try this right now with a packet of sugar...hehe never thought Id say that.

  2. Ooh I'll try that. Did you know you can use honey as a facemask? It's naturally exfoliating and moisturising. Really nice (and tasty if you get some on your lips!)

  3. Thank you! Honey is also wonderful for the skin, I use it myself as well!