Fabulous Eco-Friendly Fragrances (Product Review)

I've really come to appreciate organic and natural fragrances, not only they are good our health and the planet but will also have you smelling wonderful naturally. Most mass market scents use a combination of natural and synthetic fragrances and to save on costs they lean towards using more harmful synthetic chemicals. 95% of the chemicals found in fragrances are petroleum-based. The use and manufacture of synthetic fragrances pose a wide range of health issues, such as allergic reactions.

To maintain the purity of organic fragrances, manufacturers opt for plant-based ingredients. Also many companies that produce natural fragrances follow sustainable business practices, such as using recycled packaging and seeking out alternative forms of energy like wind power. There are several companies that produce natural and really nice-smelling fragrances are
also affordable. Here I share some of my favorite Eau de Green!

For Women:

Pacifica Fragrances
I love that Pacifica scents are fun and fresh-smelling. Their signature perfume blends are made with natural essential oils and pure grain alcohol(corn source and gluten-free). My favorite is the Hawaiian Ruby Guava(shown right). It has a sweet-sexy smell, is easy to wear and the blend of guava and coconut was inspired by Hawaii surf's paradise. It's packaged in simple, elegant glass bottles. Perfect to layer with their solid perfume for real staying power. Since 1996, Pacifica is proud of being a sustainable perfume and fragrance company. The company has been making scents in California that was started as home mixed scents with aromatherapy essential oils. Not only are all of their products free of paraben and propylene glycol, they are made from natural ingredients and essential oils and their packaging is made from recycled materials. Pacifica also makes wonderful body butters, candles, and natural soaps.

Aubrey Or
ganics Eau de Parfume
Aubrey Organics has been around since 1967 as one of the world’s leading natural body care manufacture and a prominent involvement in the natural cosmetics industry. This company makes fragrances in four different scents to choose from and are created from a minimum of 95% organic ingredients and essential oils. They are free of synthetics, preservatives and fixatives. The fragrances all come in a very chic frosted glass of two ounces and each have their own bright color and trademark design on them. I really like the Light Citrus Floral eau de parfum(shown left), it smells incredibly delicious, fresh, floral and lightly citrusy. It is also a very delicate and sophisticated scent; not overwhelming at all.

Nature's Gate Organic Fragrance
This 30 year old company created the first ever fragrance collection formulated with 100% certified organic alcohol. They have two fragrances to choose from Labrinto and Sicuro. I have tried them and both smell really great. It come sin a really nice Italian frosted-glass bottle. The cool thing is that these fragrances are unisex, so men an women can wear them. I like the Labrinto scent (shown right) which has a really clean, crisp scent of cucumber mixed with white freesia, violet and rose. I also recommend the Sicuro scent which has more of a zesty sunny scent of citrus and floral with a hint of a woodsy sensuality, but very still light and airy.

For Men:

Burt's Bees Natural Cologne for Men
Burt's Bee has been know for making some of the gentlest products around.
Burt's Bees Natural Men's Cologne is an all-natural blend of essential oils. In this cologne, fresh citrus oils of Lemon, Orange and Bergamot are blended in the warm, spicy depth of Cypress and Fir oils for a crisp woody scent. Bergamot is also a natural insect repellent, so that's a bonus. I even like this cologne for myself because is smells super-clean, modern, with a hint of sweetness and not overpowering. The bottle is also made of recycled glass! Truly brilliant and affordable.
Organic Grooming Dusk Blend Cologne for Men by Herban Cowboy
This is a vegan, organic and cruelty free fragrance. I found interesting that Herban Cowboy was started in a log cabin near a dirt road with no internet and I can see why the signature scent of the cologne has a very masculine, sporty, rugged scent to it. I like it's sort of foresty, man-in- the-woods scent. It's a bolder scent but yet not overpowering that smells great and is long-lasting as well! You can purchase Herban Cowboy at Vegan Essentials online store and other retailers.

All the mentioned fragrances are also available in-store at Whole Foods and other natural beauty retailers.

Hope you enjoy reading these reviews! I love to hear from you, let me know what you think!

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