7 Awesome Kitchen Items

Do you love to cook? I do too! But As the population’s effect on the planet intensifies, it is more important than ever to use products with eco-friendly features that allow us to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

When most people think of “green” in the kitchen, they often think of the big things, like an eco-friendly remodel of countertops and bamboo floors, even maybe we look towards energy efficiency with Energy Star-rated appliances and compact fluorescent light bulbs.

But, there are actually many small ways that we can begin with to improve the eco-impact of our kitchens. Alia Akkam, a contributing editor of food & festivities at Organic Spa Magazine put together this amazing list of cool and environmentally responsible choices for your kitchen.


Soft, absorbent MUbamboo dishtowels are made with 100 percent sustainable woven bamboo and are 100 percent biodegradable. Available in happy colors like lime and aqua, MUbamboo uses eco-friendly dyes. www.mukitchen.com


In Half Moon Bay, California, My Toque carries La Chamba Cookware from Colombia. Handmade from clay that contains mica, this cookware line-including our favorite, the sturdy casserole dish, perfect for baked chicken-can really withstand high heat. All pieces are hand-burnished, not glazed, so they're also toxin-free. www.mytoque.com


The next time you've got a hankering for juice, pour some into one of Zak's whimsical Confetti tumblers made from recycled melamine. The set features cups in bright kiwi, turquoise, magenta, and orange hues. www.zak.com


You may know Bambu for its beautiful cutting boards and bowls made of bamboo laminates, but they also have a quality candle in their portfolio. The kitchen candle, strong enough to camouflage the lingering smell of that accidentally burned chicken or the trash that has yet to be taken out, is made with U.S. grown soybeans infused with bamboo essence. It also features an all-cotton wick. www.bambuhome.com


VivaTerra's stainless steel "Twig" carved flatware introduces a touch of Zen to the dinner table. www.vivaterra.com


Green Pan with Thermolon, the first PTFE-free non-stick cookware on the market, requires less energy to rack up a high temperature and reduces carbon emissions. Must-have staple: the versatile Stockholm black aluminum non-stick fry pan. www.green-pan.com


Soaked the brownie pan overnight and it's still crusty? Turn to the Twist Dish Dumpling for help. This chunky biodegradable sponge is dye-free and packed in an agave wrapper. www.twistclean.com

Photo Credit: Organic Spa Magazine

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