The Green Shows are back! Eco Fashion Week 2010

The GreenShows Eco-Fashion Week is the only premiere fashion event exclusively committed to eco-friendly, ethically sound, fair-trade fashion in New York City. After a tremendous success last year, the GreenShows are back with an amazing lineup of eco-friendly designers that will bring the best of all-green fashion during Eco Fashion Week 2010. The GreenShows strive to rigorously make sure that the production is 100% environmentally-friendly and energy efficient. Everything from the runway to the lighting, the design team will use recycled, recyclable, and compostable material to create a beautiful and resource conscious layout as a backdrop to the collections.Lets not forget also that with innovative green fashion also comes eco-friendly hair and makeup from the works of amazing eco-friendly beauty lines which includes John Masters Organics and DEX New York.

"The GreenShows will host an opening night runway show and event on Febuary 15, 2010 followed by two days of shows. An entirely green venue will house this eco extravaganza in downtown Manhattan. The GreenShows will coincide with New York City’s world-renowned Fashion Week and beyond the shows, Eco Fashion Week will be an immersive green experience for all attendees. We believe beautiful fashion can be considerate of the earth, animals and mankind. The mission of The GreenShows is to share this vision.” (The Green Shows media kit)

The runway shows will include eco-fashion designers: Ekovaruhuset, Anja by Beryl Man, Samantha Pleet, STUDY by Tara St James, Thieves by Sonja den Elze, deux fm, Joann Berman and more. Stay tuned for more coverage of Eco Fashion Week, fashion that keeps the planet in mind.

Photo credit: The GreenShows Eco-Fashion Week

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